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Avian Garlic Powder with Vitamin B Complex

by Avian
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Avian Garlic Powder with Vitamin B Complex

A highly concentrated and standardized garlic preparation, specially developed for birds.

Garlic has a blood purifying effect, inhibits the growth of coccidiosis, is beneficial for blood pressure and is used as an expectorant. It contains allicin, a natural antibiotic that inhibits the growth of harmful, pathogenic bacteria. Another unique feature of garlic is that the two main active ingredients - garlic and vitamin B complex are not only standardized, but also separated in the powder. Only in the body are these two components converted into allicin and B-complex. As a result, the effectiveness of garlic is many times greater.
Garlic has a preventive effect against flies, mosquitoes, lice and red mites.

Protect your birds against unwanted visitors!

About Avian:
They are specialized in the development and production of bird feeds. By combining years of experience with new knowledge and research, they have acquired an excellent reputation in the bird world with our brands AVES and AVIAN. The products are sold worldwide to bird breeders, zoos and veterinarians. By combining quality with good service and technical support, AVES and AVIAN products have been used with great success since 1976.

Avian Garlic with Vitamin B complex is vavailable in:     500 gr