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Aves Phelsuma food (450g)

by Aves
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Aves Phelsuma food (450g)

Phelsuma food is specially formulated food for phelsumas, geckos, anoles and many other types of lizards. Feed Phelsumas or day geckos Phelsuma food as a basic food. This food is a complete food and provides the total nutritional needs, including vitamins A, D3 and calcium. Phelsumas can be fed extra sweet, soft fruit and insects such as crickets and buffalo worms.
Sprinkle these feed insects with Insect Sprinkles Powder or mealworm food for best results. This product contains all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, so no extra vitamins and minerals need to be added.

Instructions for use:
Add 3 parts water to 1 part powder. Dissolve evenly with a fork while beating. Give a new portion every day. Provide 2 times a day at high temperatures. Offer the food in a bottle cap and do not place it near a heat source. Clean used caps in hot water with a detergent and rinse with clean water.

There must always be fresh drinking water available.

Keep cool and dark

About Aves:
Avesproduct, located in Raalte, specializes in the development and production of bird feeds. Through fundamental knowledge and research, Avesproduct has acquired an excellent reputation with its quality products, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Through years of intensive contact with bird breeders, zoos and scientific institutions, Avesproduct can provide versatile, practical and objective information. Thanks to good service and professional support, Aves products have been used with great success since 1976.

A lot of questions are always asked about bird food. Concepts such as the energy value, the desired nutritional value of bird feeds, the difference between vegetable and animal proteins, the function of vitamin E, the use of vitamin and mineral supplements are just a few examples.


Aves Phelsuma food is available in:      450g