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Avian Fruit Pâté

by Avian
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Avian Fruit pâté (new recipe)

Product description:

Avian Fruit Pâté is a complete universal food suitable for all fruit-eating birds. In addition, the fruit pâté is ideal as a supplementary food for large parakeets, parrots and lories. Avian Fruit Pâté contains papaya, pineapple, banana, apple, rowan, juniper and elderberries, raisins and currants. Adding honey makes the pâté even tastier.

Advice on housing:
If you keep several types of fruit eaters together, it is wise to feed in several places, to avoid quarrels.

Nutritional advice:
You can give fresh fruit pâté daily, according to your needs. In addition, always provide plenty of fresh drinking water.

Bakery products, grains, fruits (papaya 2%, banana 2%, pineapple 1.4%, apple 1%, berries 4%, raisins 1 .5%, currants 1.5%), oils and fats, sugar (honey 3.8%), vegetable protein extracts, vegetables, minerals, yeast, meat and animal by-products, vegetable by-products.

Analytical components:
Crude protein / Crude protein / Rohprotein  16%
Crude fat / Crude oils & fats / Rohöle und -fette 16%
Crude fiber / Crude fiber / Rohfaser 3.2%
Crude ash / Crude ash / Rohasche 3.5%
(Ca) Calcium / Kalzium 0.74%
(P) Phosphorus / Phosphorus / Phosphor 0 .66%
(Na) Sodium / Sodium 0.13%
(Mg) Magnesium 0.07%
(K) Potassium / Potassium 0.43%

Nutritional additives/kg:
Vitamin(e) A (3a672a) 33,000 IE / IU
Vitamin(e) B1 (3a820) 15 mg
Vitamin(e) B2 53 mg
Vitamin(e) B3 (3a315) 160 mg
Vitamin(e) B5 (3a841) 56 mg
Vitamin(e) B6 (3a831) 14 mg
Folic acid / Folic acid / Folsäure (3a316) ,7 mg
Vitamin(e) B12 130 μg
Vitamin(e) C (3a300) 49 mg
Vitamin(e) D3 3,300 IU / IU
Vitamin(e) E 32 IU / IU
Biotin(e) 600 μg
Vitamin(e) K3 (3a710) 6 mgCholin(e) (3a890) 500 mg

Trace elements / kg:
Cu (E4) 25.4 mg
I (3b201) 6.5 mg
Mn (E5) 522 mg
Zn (E6) 288mg

Preservatives, antioxidants.

About Avian:
They are specialized in the development and production of bird feeds. By combining years of experience with new knowledge and research, they have acquired an excellent reputation in the bird world with our brands AVES and AVIAN. The products are sold worldwide to bird breeders, zoos and veterinarians. By combining quality with good service and technical support, AVES and AVIAN products have been used with great success since 1976.

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