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Koenings American Siskin food (15 kg)

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Koenings American Siskin Food (15 kg)

The American siskin mixture differs considerably from the mixture for native siskins, mainly because of the ratio in which the various seeds are mixed. The finer seeds have also been used.

Included in this mixture are:

  • canary seed, 
  • negro seed, 
  • perilla white, 
  • perilla brown, 
  • white lettuce seed, 
  • black lettuce seed, 
  • chicory seed, 
  • evening primrose, 
  • sesame seed, 
  • linseed, 
  • poppy seed, 
  • teasel, 
  • wild seeds, 
  • crop pair.

Due to the fact that American siskins become too fat quickly, less oilseeds are used in this mixture. As an alternative  for this mixture, the Siskin Super mixture is also used.
For the black-headed siskin, the Goldfinch siskins no. 3.