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Anti-(Heat) Stress (50ml)

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Anti-(Heat) Stress (50 ml)

When birds are hot, they open their mouths, move their tongues and expand their feathers. They do this to cool their bodies, unfortunately birds cannot sweat like humans.
When birds get warmer, they are no longer able to cool the body. Due to this increased body temperature, there is no longer enough oxygen absorbed into the blood.
Simply put: the link to get oxygen from the lungs into the blood works worse.
The result of this is that the birds no longer eat. As a result, they lose weight and young birds do not grow optimally. The bird is only concerned with survival.

The same applies to birds under stress: transporting, fireworks, transferring etc...
If you add Anti-(Heat) Stress to the water, this causes a bird can absorb more oxygen in the blood. It therefore remains more active, is less affected by the heat, so that the bird remains in better condition. Make sure that Anti-(Heat) Stress is added to the water at least 1 day before the heat starts. Continue to provide as long as the warm period lasts.
In other stressful situations, start providing in good time. Better too early than too late!

Package contents Anti-(Heat) Stress:       50ml