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Anti-Scab (75ml)

by Beaphar
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Beaphar Anti-Scab skin spray for guinea pigs, rabbits and rats to combat scabies mite infections.

The first signs of a (scabies) mite infection are redness of the skin and intense itching. The skin swells and open sores and scabs develop around the eyes and ears. These wounds can become infected, causing a lot of pain. A (scabies) mite infection is highly contagious. This infection arises quite easily with a lowered resistance due to a weakened immune system. An ambient temperature that is too high, poor ventilation, unsanitary housing and nutritional deficiencies therefore increase the risk of a (scabies) mite infection.

Instructions for use and dosage:
Protect the head of the animal when spraying. Spray from a distance of 30cm from back to front. Spray against the direction of the hair so that the liquid reaches the skin.

• Adult guinea pigs: 2-3 spray mists (±2-3ml)
• Young guinea pigs (4-9 weeks) and rats: 1 spray mist (±1ml)
• Rabbits older than 4 weeks: 2 spray mists (±2ml) per kg body weight

Repeat the treatment after 1 week.
Treat affected areas on the head with a cotton ball soaked in it. Avoid getting the product in the mouth, eyes or nose.

Place sick animals separately and treat all rodents present to prevent reinfestation. Remove the bedding and clean the enclosure with plenty of soap and water. Provide good nutrition, hygiene and housing to prevent recurrence.