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The secret of the South egg food (1 kg)

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The secret of the South eggfood (1 kg)

Egg food has been made in South Limburg in a traditional way for decades. This is only for the local market. These egg foods are highly valued by the breeders and especially the birds. This is reflected in the quality of the birds, which brought many champions.

From now on “The Secret of the South” is revealed, only there is 1 condition: The egg food is still always made by hand in a traditional way in South Limburg. This will always remain the case, which you see in excellent quality egg food, ready-to-feed. Due to a unique preparation, this egg food is always free-flowing. With a smell that you can almost eat yourself! Egg food, the way our birds like it!

Egg food Standard is specially formulated for a good growth of the young birds. Because bakers cake flour is in the egg food, even birds that absorb very poorly egg food will eat this egg food. This eggfood was developed in the South and has been fed for decades.

The ultimate goal was: to make an eggfood that ensures good breeding, with good quality youngsters and that remains slightly loose for a long time so that the birds remain record. Dry egg food is eaten less by birds. Every year, after a long discussion by the growers, the composition was slightly changed until everyone was satisfied. After having a formula that keeps the egg food free for a long time, cake flour according to a South Limburg recipe was added.

This ensures excellent absorption, even by bird species that eat very poor egg food. It also provides an attractive scent. Vitamins and minerals were added for stronger fry. To get birds used to seeds at the earliest possible age, some fatty seeds were added to increase the resistance of the birds.
Convince yourself, this eggfood is complete, can be fed as it is and will last free time that promotes absorption.

Developed in the south through years of testing in practice, now also available for you!
To guarantee quality, this egg food is still made in South Africa according to traditional methods. Limburg made!

About Sjoerd
I am Sjoerd Zwart and I have been an enthusiastic bird breeder since my youth.
I would like to introduce myself and briefly tell you how I came to this passion of bird breeding and developing and selling (seed) products, medicines, accessories, etc.  have come.
I have bred a very extensive range of birds. From zebra finch to parrot. Initially focused on exhibitions, but nowadays more mutation breeding.

My breeding results were and can usually be called excellent. This has not gone unnoticed. Many growers consult me ​​for advice, something I always give with great pleasure and dedication. It motivates me enormously when I hear afterwards that the advice has been adopted and has led to results. I now advise nurseries and bird parks at home and abroad, but everyone can contact me. Whether it is a breeder with only one pair, or a large nursery.

My knowledge arose from visiting many bird houses and nurseries, where I always came to the conclusion that one of the biggest problems is a shortage was found to be on the right diet. I started researching this in depth by studying the literature, developing tests myself, trying them out and doing my own research. Finally I found solutions!

The Secret of the South is available in:     1 kg