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by Aves
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Aves-Plus replenishes deficiencies in the seed mixture.

Research has shown that seed mixtures for all species of granivorous birds contain too little lysine, arginine, choline, riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus and iodine. Vitamin D3 and B12 are not found in seeds, while the content of vitamin A, carotene and B vitamins varies widely. These nutrients are indispensable for conditioning and keeping adult birds, a successful moult, good fertilization and the transfer of nutrients to the hatching eggs. They are present in Aves-Plus.

Aves -Plus is prepared in the same way as AVES-PLUS.

Adult birds: all year round, except in the breeding and moulting period.
Boy: after the youth moult up to 2 weeks before pairing.

Amount of feed required per day:

Bird species Number of birds Prepared gram Power food buddy
Smallest finches 15 3.5 1
Binsen, Ceres, Parrot finches 10 3.5 1
Japanese Gulls, Goulds, Zebra Finches 7 3.5 1
Canaries, European Cultural Birds 5 3.5 1
Rice birds, Forpus, 
Agapornids, Neophemas, Kakarikis
4 3.5 1
Cockatiels, Yandaya, Redcap 2 3.5 1
Port-Lincoln Parakeet, Pale-faced and Beautiful Rosella, Twenty-eight 1 3.5 1
Pennant Rosella, King Parrot 1 5 1,5
Finch Amazone, Goffini and Naked Eye, Cockatoo, Timneh Gray Redstart, 1 7 2
Grey Redstart, Yellow-fronted Amazon 1 8,5 2.5

Preparation method and dosage:
Mix 30 grams of rusk flour or 40 grams of dried bread with 1 measuring spoon of Strength (10 grams). Grind this mixture with a boiled (7 minutes) peeled egg (60 grams) in a mixer. Let cool and store in the refrigerator. Larger quantities: Mix rusk flour with Aves-Kracht and mix the peeled eggs, finely chopped with an egg slicer, with a mixer. Prepare fresh food made with rusk flour once a week; with bread freshly prepared twice a week.

There must always be fresh drinking water available!

Feeding advice:
Adult birds: all year round, except during the breeding and moulting period. Young birds: after the youth moult until 2 weeks before pairing.

Keep cool and dark!


  1. fresh egg concentrate 
  2. is the only concentrate that contains a whole egg 
  3. homogeneous composition 
  4. contains no dyes 
  5. contains sufficient vitamin A for recessive white canaries 
  6. can be stored frozen in the freezer 
  7. Switch effortlessly from Aves rearing to Aves power 
  8. same preparation method as Aves rearing 
  9. nutritional deficiencies in the seed mixture are fully supplemented by Aves power 

About Aves new products:
Aves products is specialized in developing and producing bird feeds. Through fundamental knowledge and research, Aves products has acquired an excellent reputation with its quality products.Thanks to many years of intensive contact with bird breeders, zoos and scientific institutions, Aves products can provide versatile, practical and objective information. Thanks to good service and professional guidance, Aves products have been used with great success, since 1976.

Aves plus is available in:      200g │ 600g │ 10kg