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Vanrobaeys (No. 20) Breeding Super Special

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Sometimes we hear the rumor that the pigeons leave maize while breeding the youngsters. That is why this mixture contains less maize. And due to the fact that it is small corn, exactly as round as a pea, the pigeons don't leave anything behind. A success formula!

Super mixtures

Supplementary pigeon feed for Super Special Breeding Nr. 20:
  • Small Cribbs Corn (No. 198)
  • Yellow Cribbs Corn (No. 78)
  • Red French corn (No. 76)
Recommended for:   Cultivation

Packaging:   20 kg


38% peas (4 varieties)
19% extra small Cribbs maize
18% white wheat
12% white dari
4.5% vitsen
4% safflower
2% katja idyoe
1.5% lentils
1% paddy rice