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<tc>Aves Mealworm Feed</tc>

by Aves
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Aves mealworm feed

In practice, mealworms are often grown on wheat bran. They are often offered without food by pet shops. The enthusiast then feeds the mealworms all kinds of concentrated preparations or feeds them chicken feed, bird rearing feed, etc. in the expectation of improving the nutritional value of the mealworms.
With the first method, feeding concentrated products, there is a danger that the mealworms absorb such high concentrations of nutrients that they die or that they can become a danger to birds or reptiles. Particularly high levels of vitamins A, D and iron and other minerals can cause poisoning symptoms. Feeding mealworms with calcium-rich ingredients has its limits in terms of acceptance. Digestion of different calcium sources varies widely. In addition to calcium, they can also contain unwanted phosphorus, fluorine and high levels of iron.
With the second method, feeding chicken feed, rearing feed, etc. to mealworms, the desired levels of nutrients in the mealworms are never achieved because the feed intake of mealworms is low and the concentrations of nutritional components in these feeds are much too low. It is therefore not easy to bring the nutritional value of mealworms to the ideal level.
Aves meal-worm food provides the necessary amounts of extra calcium and all vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Aves mealworm food is given to mealworms that have first fasted for 2 days and have an empty digestive tract. Aves meal-worm food is then provided for 1 day. The remaining feed, which is obtained after sifting out the mealworms, contains hardly any mealworm manure and can therefore be reused many times. The mealworms fed with Aves mealworm food contain 0.8% calcium and 0.3% available phosphorus; the right amount of calcium and phosphorus with the most ideal calcium:phosphorus ratio. They also contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements for birds and reptiles.
About Aves:
Avesproduct is specialized in developing and producing bird feeds. Through fundamental knowledge and research, Avesproduct has acquired an excellent reputation with its quality products. Through years of intensive contact with bird breeders, zoos and scientific institutions, Avesproduct can provide versatile, practical and objective information. Aves products have been used with great success since 1976, thanks to good service and technical support.

A lot of questions are always asked about bird food. Concepts such as the energy value, the desired nutritional value of bird feeds, the difference between vegetable and animal proteins, the function of vitamin E, the use of vitamin and mineral supplements are just a few examples.

Aves product provides a complete range of bird food, except seeds and pellets.

These products can be classified as follows:
Ready feeds:   Avesnectar, Nectarkol , Loristart, Lorinectar , Loridry and Aves Hand-rearing food.
Premixes for preparing your own bird food:   Aves-rearing, Aves-power , Parki-rearing and Universal.
Complete food supplements:     Avesmix-25, Psittamix, Aves-Stressmix and Aves-Maximix

Aves further offers:
  • Rusk flour, which should be used with different feeds.
  • Pollen grains, as a snack for lories, hanging parakeets and fig parakeets, among others.
  • Probiotics, which are not a food or medicine but an excipient, for building and maintaining the intestinal flora
  • Meal-worm food, Insect sprinkle powder and a complete Phelsuma food.

Content of Aves mealworm food:     400g │ 5 kg