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Aves Nectar (500g)

by Aves
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Aves Nectar

Complete and water-soluble food for leafbirds, white-eyes, honeysuckles, sugarbirds, tanagers, flower sticks, sugar thieves, swift parakeets and other liquid food-eating birds, except nectar birds and hummingbirds (see Nectarkol). The product is a complete nectar feed, especially for liquid food-eating birds. It also contains all essential amino acids in the form of water-soluble proteins, and all 28 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The carbohydrates and fat are completely resorbable. The product also contains sufficient protein for maintenance and formation of new feathers. That is why Avesnectar is also a unique nectar food.

The digestive glands add substances that convert multiple sugars into faster absorbing simple sugars. Meanwhile, substances are also being created that prevent the development of micro-organisms.

For the nectar-eating bird species, we have found a substitution to provide our precious birds with a balanced diet. Different species have different needs for certain nutrients. The hummingbird only needs 3% protein in its nectar, the sunbirds use 8% but the lories again 12%. Within the Nectars you will find a balanced content, specific for each group.

Preparation method and dosage:
Fill a cup with 60 ml of water. Add 1 scoop of Aves Nectar. Dissolve by beating with a fork. Make one or two fresh solutions every day. Also give Aves Universal A for complete nutrition . Provide live food to a limited extent. This product contains all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

There must always be fresh drinking water available.

Give one or two fresh solutions every day. Also give  Aves Universal A and live food to a limited extent.

Content:   500 grams for 4.2 liters of water-soluble food


  1. complete and water-soluble feed
  2. an excellent nectar drink that dissolves completely in water without sediment
  3. the only nectar food with sufficient protein for maintenance and complete moulting
  4. not sweet, so does not attract bees, wasps and ants
  5. easy to prepare

About Aves:
Avesproduct is specialized in developing and producing bird feeds. Through fundamental knowledge and research, Avesproduct has acquired an excellent reputation with its quality products. Through years of intensive contact with bird breeders, zoos and scientific institutions, Avesproduct can provide versatile, practical and objective information. Aves products have been used with great success, since 1976, thanks to good service and professional support.

A lot of questions are always asked about bird food. Concepts such as the energy value, the desired nutritional value of bird feeds, the difference between vegetable and animal proteins, the function of vitamin E, the use of vitamin and mineral supplements are just a few examples.

Avesproduct supplies a complete range of food products for birds, except for seeds and pellets. 
These products can be classified as follows:

  • Ready feeds: Avesnectar, Nectarkol, Loristart, Lorinectar , Loridry and Aves Hand-rearing food.
  • Premixes for preparing your own bird food: Aves rearing, Aves power , Parki rearing and Universal.
  • Complete nutritional supplements: Avesmix-25, Psittamix, Aves-Stressmix and Aves-Maximix

They also bid:

  • Rusk flour, which should be used with different feeds
  • Pollen grains, as a snack for lories, hanging parakeets and fig parakeets.
  • Probiotics, which are not a food or medicine but an excipient, for building and maintaining the intestinal flora.
  • Mealworm food, Insect sprinkle powder and a complete Phelsuma food.

Content Aves Nectar: