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<tc>Aves Psitta Start</tc>

by Aves
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Aves Psitta Start

Aves Psitta Start is a premix for a complete rearing food for large parakeets and parrots. Aves Psitta Start is mixed with rusk flour and soaked seed. For seed soaking, follow the instructions: Soak the seed in water for 1 to 1½ days. Change the water regularly, removing dust and dirt. During soaking, water is absorbed by the seed and the seed swells. This causes the seed coat to break. Soaked seed is better digested by young birds than hard seed. The clean water absorbed by the seed is the only water that the young birds get and is therefore of vital importance to them, especially if the parents do not feed any vegetables or fruit. This product contains all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

The young birds thus receive the traditional seed mixture from the parents in soaked form, which is easier and faster to digest than the hard seed mixture. To meet the higher nutritional needs of the young, growing birds, the extra nutrients required are supplemented by means of Parki-Raising.   

Preparation method and dosage:
Soak the seed mixture and drain excess water. Mix 8   measuring spoons of Aves Psitta Start (50 grams) with 50 grams of rusk flour. Mix this with 300 grams of soaked seed (this is 1 filled 1-litre can). Prepare the rearing food fresh every day and give it at least 2 times a day. Remove the remaining seeds.

Feeding advice: 
Breeding birds: a few weeks before pairing or before the first egg is expected. Boy: from birth to full grown

There must always be fresh drinking water available for the birds.

Keep cool and dark

Content:   750 grams for 6 kg rearing feed
Upgrading the normal seed mixture to a complete rearing food soaked seed in Parki rearing is better and faster to digest than hard seed. Contains all necessary nutrients, including highly digestible calcium and vitamin D3 for skeletal building.

About Aves:
We specialize in developing and producing bird feeders. Through fundamental knowledge and research, Avesproduct has acquired an excellent reputation with its quality products. Through years of intensive contact with bird breeders, zoos and scientific institutions, Avesproduct can provide versatile, practical and objective information. Thanks to good service and technical support, Aves products have been used with great success since 1976.

A lot of questions are always asked about bird food. Concepts such as the energy value, the desired nutritional value of bird feeds, the difference between vegetable and animal proteins, the function of vitamin E, the use of vitamin and mineral supplements are just a few examples.

Avesproduct supplies a complete range of bird food, except for seeds and pellets.
These products can be classified as follows:

Ready feeds:  Avesnectar, Nectarkol, Loristart, Lori-nectar , Loridry and Aves Hand-rearing food.
Premixes for preparing your own bird food to be made:   Aves start, Aves power , Psitta Start and Universal.
Complete nutritional supplements:  Avesmix-25, Psittamix, Aves- Stressmix and Aves-Maximix

We also offer:

  • Rusk flour, which should be used with different feeds.
  • Pollen grains, as a snack for lories, hanging parakeets and fig parakeets.
  • Probiotics, which are not a food or medicine but an excipient, for building and maintaining the intestinal flora.
  • Mealworm food, Insect sprinkle powder and a complete Phelsuma food

Aves Psitta Start is available in:       750 gr │ 10 kg