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<tc>Slaats Wild Bird food (20 kg)</tc>

by Slaats
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Slaats Spreading Feed

Sprinkler for the garden. This seed mix contains many important seeds that will help birds get through the cold winter months. You can also offer this grit all year round on feeding tables and as groundbait. This extra large packaging gives you a significant price advantage and success is guaranteed with this food that is so popular with birds.

Weed seed
Dari red
Millet seed
Cracked corn
Hulled oats
Saffloor kernels
Peeled peanuts
Striped kernels

About Slaats:
If Slaats Diervoeders BV are they are a specialist in the production of bird feeds and a wholesaler in animal feeds.

It is their mission to become a specialist in the Netherlands with these activities. to be and to stay. We now supply a wide range of specialist animal feeds to the professional market, especially ornamental, sport and hobby birds and other animals at competitive prices and we certainly want to continue to do so.
As a specialist producer of bird feeds and wholesaler of animal feeds, we want to continuously renew and expand our range of feeds and products. As a result, we want to continue to optimally meet the ever-changing demand from our customers for bird and animal feeds and additional products.

Why Slaats Animal Feeds?
Their goal is to supply precisely those bird and animal feeds and additional products, which are used by the holders of ornamental, sport - and hobby animals are provided to their animals to their full satisfaction. As a specialist and wholesaler, Slaats Dierenvoeders mainly focuses on the retail channel and professional breeders and/or breeders who place high specific demands on their supplier. We create added value in the form of flexibility, in-house logistics and distribution, knowledge transfer, a specialized range, product development and sales support.

What do they do for you?
Slaats Animal Feeds is a customer-oriented organization par excellence. This means that the customer's needs are central from the very first contact. Only with your and our experience and knowledge can we put together an optimal range of products for your specific situation. We would like to be your partner in this, just as we are with our suppliers.

Slaats Animal Feed has been GMP+ certified for some time now. This certification guarantees the quality and safety of the products produced by Slaats Dierenvoeders. In addition, we only use visually attractive, fair and healthy ingredients in production. Consistent top quality is achieved using modern production technology and highly effective cleaning units.
GMP+ is a regulation to guarantee the basic quality of products and services in the animal feed industry.

Slaats Spreading Feed is available in:                                   20 kg