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Super Fly Trap

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Super Flytrap

The Super Flytrap is specially designed to catch flies. Due to the strong lure effect, you will be less bothered by flies. The Super Fly Trap is suitable for bird houses, terraces, campsites, riding schools and in the garden. The advantage of the Super Fly Trap is that the smell is not bothersome, unlike some other products.

Instructions for use:
Unscrew the cap of the trap and fill it up to the indicated height with lukewarm water. Then put the cap back on the trap and shake the trap gently so that the attractant can dissolve properly. Then pull up the top of the cap and hang the trap in a suitable place. Preferably hang in a sunny warm place. This attractant does not contain insecticides or other harmful substances.

Content Super Flytrap:      Trap with attractant