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Beaphar Universal food

by Beaphar
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Beaphar Universal Food

Universal food is a complete food for fruit- and insect-eating birds such as Japanese nightingales, beos, cardinals, starlings and other (European) insectivores. Contains high-quality, easily digestible vegetable and animal proteins, freshwater shrimp, honey and many other ingredients. Universal food is enriched with juniper, rowan and elderberries, dried insects, vitamins and minerals. Very suitable as a power or supplementary food for wild songs, but can also be given to parakeets, canaries, tropical birds, etc. as a supplement to seed mixtures.

• complete food for fruit- and insect-eating birds
• includes berries, seeds and dried insects

Instructions for use:
You give universal food every day according to your needs. It is recommended to offer insectivores a few mealworms daily. Fruit eaters can give you a piece of fruit daily. Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water.

Beaphar Universal food is available in:     1 kg │ 5 kg │ 15 kg