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Slaats Universal food (25 kg)

by Slaats
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€5,25 - €115,50
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Slaats universal food (25 kg)

Universal food with insects for Japanese Nightingales, Beos and insectivores.

Added to 1 kg of feed:

Crude protein 18%
Raw fat 17%
Crude fiber 10%
Crude ash 7%
Copper 20mg/kg
Cobalt 0.32mg/kg
Iron 44mg/kg
Magnesium 46mg/kg
Zinc 24mg/kg
Vitamin A
24000  IU/kg 
Vitamin D3
1600  IU/kg 
Vitamin E 16mg/kg
Vitamin B1 8mg/kg
Vitamin B2 8mg/kg
Vitamin B6 4mg/kg
Vitamin B12 0.016mg/kg

Application:   Complete feed for Birds.

Dosage:   Daily feeding according to need.

Ingredients:    Grains, Vegetable by-products, Seeds

About Slaats:
Slaats Animal feeds is specialized in the composition of bird seeds and therefore pays a lot of attention to a good cleaning for the composition. In addition, Slaats Dierenvoeders is a wholesaler for pet shops. This way we can supply a wide range. Slaats Animal Feeds sets high demands on quality and, just like you, has the objective to keep your animals healthy by, among other things, the right nutrition and high-quality supplements.

Slaats Universal feed is available in:     25 kg