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Teurlings Universal Food (TOVO)

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Teurlings-Tovo universal feed

This universal food has a natural composition with selected raw materials, so that the iron content is effectively below 65 ppm. Teurlings-Tovo Universal food is highly enriched with amino acids.

A 20,000 PE Phosphorus 5.4% C 1000mg
D3 2,000 i.U. Manganese 70mg K3 3mg
E 20 mg Zinc 35mg Iron 65ppm
B1 2mg B6 2mg Copper 10mg
B2 10mg B12 0.2mg Cobalt 1mg
Choline 500mg Folin 1mg Lysine 11.7mg
Calcium 11% Biotin 1mg  

Suitable for:

Fruit- and insect-eating birds such as toucans, leaf birds, touracos, barbets, hornbills, etc. Also a important supplementary feed for tropics and parrots.


Bakery products, grains, seeds, sugar and honey, minerals, oils and fats, vegetable protein products, fruits, yeast and insects.

Average analysis:

Crude protein 21.5%, crude fat 10%, crude fiber 2.5%, crude ash 5.8%, moisture 11%.

Technological additives (/kg):
Contains EU authorized antioxidants.
E562 Sepiolite 13.2 mg

Instructions for use:
Mix Teurlings Universal food with fruits or give them dry to the birds.

Teurlings stands for quality:
The highest demands are made on all products, with compositions tailored to the needs of each individual animal. Only first-quality raw materials are used for the composition of the feeds, which are free of harmful substances. In addition, controls have been built in throughout the entire production process, which, together with regular checks on the end product, guarantee a correct and constant composition. Teurlings is both GMP+ and HACCP certified.

Content Teurlings-Tovo universal food:      1 kg │ 5 kg